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Yaadhum - Historical Journey of a Tamil Muslim

Curious about his identity as a Tamil (speaking) Muslim in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, Anwar sets off on a journey of discovery of an untold history. A history that goes back to the pre Islamic maritime spice trade that Tamil country had with West Asia and the evolution of the Tamil Muslim community with a unique kinship between Muslims and the fellow Tamils. Shifting through archaeological, epigraphic, literary, architectural and other cultural evidences with the help of scholars across Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Anwar weaves in a rich history and finally comes to terms with the multiple identities of being a Tamil, a Muslim and an Indian, in short ‘all’ as the Tamil word Yaadhum means in English. Film duration: 52 minutes.

About the film maker Kombai S Anwar
S Anwar is a writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker. He has written the history of ‘Muslims of Madras’ as part of the Madras Gazetteer project. He was commissioned by the Archaeological Survey of India to make a series of short films on the ‘Big Temple at Thanjavur’, made in commemoration of the 1000th year celebrations of the famous World Heritage Monument. His documentary film, ‘Yaadhum’ (All), won several awards, including the Bronze Remi award at the 48th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, USA.

Through heritage walks and tours such as the ‘Arcot Nawabs heritage’, ‘In the footsteps of St.Francis Xavier’, the ‘Budhha Kanchi & Jaina Kanchi’ and the annual ‘Ramzan heritage walk’ Anwar tries to create awareness on unspoken aspects of Tamil Nadu history. He writes for various newspapers and magazines.